Drawing lessons for children and adults

You do not have the opportunity to attend classes at an art school, you do not have time to understand the material and you need additional explanations, or simply comfortable working with the teacher alone?
Private lessons are an ideal way out of the current situation. The mentor will help to organize the creative process correctly, dispel all your fears and doubts. Individual classes allow you to study the material that is most interesting to the student, and most importantly to enjoy, freedom of creativity and flight.

In our drawing studio, professionals who own many techniques and styles work. If you are looking for a teacher for your child, then you need an expert who is able to develop and interest the child in the process.
The teacher should love his work and have patience. In the classroom, your child will learn to fantasize, discover new things in the world around him, look for something unusual in the ordinary. This kind of lessons will be a joy for the kid.

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