sliding gates

This is a simple and easy-to-use design, similar in style to the doors of the sliding-door wardrobe. The sliding gate consists of an upper guide, along which the door leaf moves aside at the opening.
The sliding door thus saves space in front of the garage in contrast to the previous door space.
Often such gates are automated, which is very convenient. They are found not only in private garages, but also in companies.
When it is necessary to block a sufficiently wide opening, it is better not to use a sliding door for this purpose.

This type is a gate, when they open, the canvas rises and tilts parallel to the ceiling in the garage to the side.

Thanks to this design, you can maximize the width of the garage opening.
Lifting and swinging doors as well as check valves are automatically and often equipped with a wicket.

A general disadvantage of this construction is that the vehicle or other object that is in close proximity can be damaged if the gate of the gate is not handled properly. Always keep a safe distance.
In addition, such doors reduce the height of the garage in the open position, so it is important to consider the dimensions of the incoming cars.
When selecting a lifting and tilting door, it is worthwhile to be prepared for the costs being very high.

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