What is the color of blue in clothing?

Blue and red. This combination should be used with caution. the red tone is always expressive, it provokes, is best used as an accent, it has turned off the dark blue base sound. Red on ultramarine light on intense turquoise will reduce the eyes, and the package will fall apart in the individual components of the incongruent elements of the garments.

Blue and brown or beige. If you choose two dark shades of these colors together they will look too heavy and will certainly add to your age. Therefore, the best option is to give a tone – the brightness, and the other – the restraint. The ideal choice – beige, will support both shades of light and dark blue. It has long been observed that beige is perceived as a symbol of refinement, elegance. In combination with the royal blue, it will make you a high society lady.

What is the color of blue in clothing?

Blue and yellow. yellow with saturated blue can look too contrasting blue and even rude, but dark with mustard Bright, pale yellow, pale yellow will go well.

Blue and pink. The bright and rich colors are better not to combine, but very light, “burned” will look good. The only blue that blends absolutely with any other color is dark blue. For him will be approached both pink pink, and a gentle, almost transparent

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